Livestock catching cage with hydraulics, 3085x2176x2720


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External dimensions: length 3.1m, height 2.2m, width 2.8m.
Internal dimensions: length 2.88, width 2.6m.
Internal dimensions of calf box: length 1.25m, width 0.57m.
Weight: 530kg
Mounted on the front hitch of the tractor,Euro Hitch quick coupler.
4-in-1 (four in one, if full equipment is chosen).
Livestock cage - adapted for catching livestock and calves in the field. Siege and protection of a newborn calf.
Cattle squeeze chute - possibility to trap the animal to perform the necessary actions.
Equipped with winches and leg mechanisms for nail treatment (optional).
Movement of cattle - large ones are lifted and secured in straps (weight up to 600 kg), small ones are placed in a special calf box.